Kinetics of the Reaction Between Acetone and Iodine Essay

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Experiment A1:
Kinetics of the Reaction between Acetone and Iodine

The key aim of this experiment was to determine the rate equation for the acid-catalysed iodination of acetone and to hence consider the insinuations of the mechanism of the rate equation obtained.

The stoichiometric equation for the reaction between iodine and acetone is below, followed by the rate equation (where x,y,z and k are the values to be obtained):
-d[I2]/dt = k [I2]x [CH3COCH3]y [H+]z

The procedure was performed as follows: For run 1, 20cm3 of acetone, 10cm3 of sulphuric acid and 145cm3 of water was added to a conical flask. 25cm3 of iodine was then added to this solution which started the reaction and immediately, 20cm3
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For run 1: (5-5.5)/(7.9-6) = -0.263
For run 2: (7-9)/(14-9) = -0.4
For run 3: (5.5-10)/(17-9) = -0.563

The equation of the line in run 1 between the two points is y – y1 = m(x – x1) y-4.4=-0.263(x-10) therefore y = 0.263x + 1.77

The ratio between the gradients for run 1 and run 2 is 1:2 as 0.4/0.263 is approximately half, whereas the gradient for runs 2 and 3 is 3:2 as 0.563/0.4 is approximately 1.5.

Initial concentration of iodine in run 1:
Using M1V1=M2V2
Initial undiluted conc of iodine = 0.05M and volume of undiluted
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