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The Coming of Arthur The Two Swords- Arthur pulls a sword from a stone and becomes king. Then he goes to the Lady of the Lake and she gives him the sword Excalibur and the magic scabbard. Balyn and Balan- Balyn gets a cursed sword and kills the Lady of the Lake. He goes after Garlon the invisible evil night and finds the Castel Carbonek. He stricks King Pelles with the Dolorous Stroke then fights his brother unknowingly and they kill each other. The First Quest of the Round Table- King Arthur marries Guinevere on Pentecost and Sir Gawine, Sir Tor, and King Pellinore go on the first quest of the Round Table. They go after a white hart, a brachet, and a knight and a damsel. The Magic of Nimue and Morgana Le Fae- Nimue puts…show more content…
He defeats Duke Yder and proclaims Enid the loveliest maiden in the world. Sir Oringle tries to take Enid, but Geraint slays him and marries Enid. Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnell- Gawain makes a sacrifice to marry an ugly hag so he can save King Arthur’s life by getting an answer to a riddle. Once they are married, Gawain kisses her and she turns back into a beautiful maiden. Sir Percivale of Wales- Percivale, who lived in the forest with his mother, meets Sir Launcelot and goes out in search to become a knight. He is taught by Sir Gonemans, and gets to see the Holy Grail. He finds King Arthur and is made a knight. The Story of Launcelot and Elaine- Launcelot finds the Castle Carbonek, where the Holy Grail is kept. Elaine falls in love with him and pretends to be Guinevere. Launcelot wanders around insane while Elaine has his child, Galahad. Book III: The Quest of the Holy Grail How the Holy Grail came to Camelot- Galahad is knighted by his father Launcelot and get the sword that Balyn killed Balan with and sits in the siege perilous. The Holy Grail comes when all the sieges at the round table are filled. The First Adventures of Sir Galahad- Sir Galahad is given a white shield with a red cross on it that was made with Joseph of Arimathea’s blood. He comes to a crossroad where he chooses the correct path and ends up on the enchanted ship where Sir Bors de Gannis and Sir Percivale are waiting for him. The First Adventures of Sir Galahad-

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