King Arthur The King Of Camelot

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King Arthur, the legendary king of Camelot, was the son of King Uther Pendragon of Britain and Queen Igriane. When he was born, King Uther feared for his life, since Arthur was the only heir to the throne. He gave the responsibility of keeping Arthur safe to his trusted advisor and friend Merlin. Merlin thought for a great deal on where to hide baby Arthur. He realized that the only way Arthur would be safe was if he was with a family and chose Sir Ector’s family as a safe place for Arthur. Sir Ector then moved away with his family and Arthur so no one could find him. Shortly after, King Uther passed away in his sleep. In order to protect the kingdom from chaos, Merlin took King Uther’s sword and magically put it in a stone. He engraved the words: WHO SO PULLETH THIS SWORD OUT OF THIS stone IS THE KING OF ALL ENGLAND and held a competition. When no one could pull the sword out, Merlin appointed guards to watch the sword hoping that one day Arthur would come back and claim it. Meanwhile Arthur was growing up in Sir Ector’s house hold. He was ignored by Sir Ector and treated like a servant by his adopted brother, Kay. Kay was practicing to be a knight for as long as Arthur could remember and he was Kay’s sparring partner ever since he could take a punch. When Arthur was eighteen, Kay was selected to go on his first tournament. Everyone was overjoyed and in the excitement no one thought about taking Kay’s sword until they reached the
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