King Charles IIi By Mark Bartlett

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I tremendously enjoyed the play King Charles III by Mark Bartlett. It dealt with the very modern issues of privacy and the press through the medium of blank verse and the modern-day monarchs with some Shakespearean precursors lurking in the background. Charles III opens just after the death of Elizabeth II, and traces the remaining royals’ actions and reactions through the next coronation. We see Charles, attempting to follow his own moral compass, becoming embroiled in politics He nearly destroys the monarchy by refusing to pass a bill that would censor certain types of scandals out of the press, despite the bill having strong support in the House of Commons. Will and Kate, the publicly popular and more politically savvy pair, pull strings (with questionable morality) to keep the palace together, both for themselves and posterity. Prince Harry is off running around on the town, drinking too much and continuing his famous shenanigans, until he meets and falls in love with Jess, a republican who is strongly against the monarchy. One of Jess’s previous boyfriends threatens to release nude pictures of her to the gossip rags to extort money out of the royal family. This problem could be easily solved by the passage of the bill in Parliament that Charles is still blocking, even as he promises to protect Jess after meeting her. Harry contemplates leaving the royal family to be with Jess, as she is staunchly opposed to everything royal, with the idea that some people are just…

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