King Clovis Conversion From Paganism To Christianity

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The conversion of the west from paganism to Christianity was a long and tiring process. It took many years and many men at war to bring the religion across a nation. King Clovis was an essential asset in showing the Franks this newfound religion of Christianity, and thus converted the Franks and then passed it onto the religion for generations to come. He is a key figure mostly because of the fact that he himself converted from paganism to Christianity. By himself going through the same transition as the people of his kingdom they came to relate to him. The conversion was still not as easy at first for the Franks due to the fact that they were set on their pagan ways of life. With the help of Clovis as well as the missionaries who spread the word, the Christian religion came to be the religion that it is today.
Clovis was a key figure in the conversion of the West. It may have even been easier for him to convert others due to the fact that his wife was the one who converted him from paganism to Christianity. A huge advantage for his determination to convert others was that the people believed that it was God himself that helped him in defeating the neighbors and helped Clovis gain new land. After the conquering, the neighbors were then converted to Christianity. These neighbors included the kingdoms of the Rhenish Thuringians, the Alamans, and the Visigoths. Although he did eventually convert all that he conquered it is unsure whether he himself was converted, "Clovis won
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