King Conceptual System Theory

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An Overview of the Conservation Model and the Conceptual System Theory Everything in life has a purpose for their existence, and each human being is valued for their strength, knowledge, power but a lack of capability for interacting with their surroundings can bring many obstacles in their way in other for the meaningful and desirable goals to be reached. King’s Theory of Goal Attainment bring a great concentration on the accomplishments of certain life goals and this can only happen if the nurse and the patient has the capacity to communicate and work together, and only then these life goals can be achieved (George, 2011).
Levine’s model encourages the use of adaptation and maintains integrity, energy through the process of conservation. This is can be done with the help of nursing care and nursing involvements. With encouraging conservation, a nurse can assist in promoting the person’s well- being (George, 2011).
Kings Conceptual System Theory King had many believe based on his Conceptual System Theory, he believes that each person views and interprets the world as an entire being in making transactions with individuals and things in their surroundings. He also believes that the exchange or interaction represents a life situation in which the interpreter and what is being interpreted unexpectedly experiences and in which the individual enters the situation as a dynamic partaker and is individually changed in the process of these
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