King County Court Case Analysis

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The purpose of this memo is to summarize, analyze and reflect upon my visit to the King County Courthouse, West Division on February 10, 2017.
On Friday, February 10th, 2017 I visited the King County Courthouse in Seattle to fulfill the requirements of the Visit to the Court Assignment. During my visit, I observed the court proceedings for two hours. Also, during this time I got familiar with the courthouse and observed three separate cases. Each case presented a different issue for the judge and resulted in different judgements.
The first case I observed being heard before the court was a criminal case. In this case, there was no jury present and very few spectators. The case was already in the sentencing stage, meaning the judge was ready to give their verdict to the present parties. The defendant was being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. The plaintiff was the
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The parties in this case were a divorce couple. The wife was appealing the ruling of the commissioner and was requesting a revision to their divorce agreement. She stated that her husband had not reported additional income and she should be awarded additional child support. She stated her current financial situation, she was working on her bachelor’s degree and couldn’t handle paying for that and financially provide for her family as well. She also had an interpreter present to aide in her argument. Her argument was based on the commissioner’s mistake to not account for her husband’s additional income and therefore being awarded the incorrect amount of child support. She asked the judge to make this revision and consider the husband’s additional income for the year. Meanwhile, the husband did not speak nor object to a revision. The judge only gave each party 10 minutes to speak and ultimately sided with the mother. The judge made the revision of increasing monthly child support by considering the husband’s unreported
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