King Darnaska Short Story

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Once upon a time; in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a princess. She was unlike any of the other princesses dwelling in any neighboring land, she was very special. Although, she was as beautiful, and breath taking as an august sun set, it wasn’t her beauty, but her gentle manner, free spirit and smile that captivated the hearts of all men and women whom met her. In this kingdom, the kingdom of Ellesia, the first born daughter of the great and mighty King Darska was the most precious and treasured joy in all the land, hailed and loved. There wasn’t a single man, women, or child that talked Ill of princess bae, other than her many private tutors, whom tried to boar her with endless facts about Ellesian politics, and religious customs. The princess longed for adventure, and…show more content…
The princesses mind was set though. One day there was a dragon in a far off land wreaking havoc to the people; smashing their bodies against his teeth, burning the thatch buildings to the ground with his fiery smoke, and stealing their treasure. The knight wished to stop the evil from spreading across the continent, So King Darska and queen Annabella gave, sir. Belmont, the royal mission to slay the dragon. The journey would be long and arduous, and he would be gone for many months, however on his return he would be rewarded with gold, and honor. When princess Bae heard of this her heart sank. It was only two short weeks before her love left to slay the dragon. Already, the fair queen wished to set the beautiful princess up with another male suitor, however the princess was strong willed, and faithful and knew she would stay true to the knight. Every day the princess and the knight managed to steal a few moments together, before other important matters took them apart

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