King David Callaghan Analysis

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King David Callaghan peers up to First Commander Tocharian. “Send them in,” he responds, laying down the found dagger onto his desk. He rises from his chair, meandering around it to the Kingsman that are entering in a straight line. He stands before them with his dark eyes gliding from one man to the next. “Which one of you gave this blade to the executioner?” he asks, holding the enchanted sword. The twelve Kingsman slid their eyes from the left to the right, none uttering a word. “Speak plainly now or choke on my wrath,” the king threaten, pacing up and down the line with his hands lace behind his back in an authority fashion-still holding onto the sword. He grew more and more impatience by their lack of response. “Very well,” he voice…show more content…
“I would never do anything malicious to harm my kingdom.” “You speak such words, but yet, it was your hands that handed this sword to the executioner, freeing the one that has eluded me. Destroying the peace, my kingdom so desperately sought.” “Your grace…” “Where does your loyalty lies? Think carefully before you answer. The sound of your voice is likely to make me regret what little mercy I’ve shown you.” “My loyalty has never tottered from my King, your grace.” The king did not seem pleased with his answer. The copper hair Kingsman steps backwards as the king steps forward. “Your majesty…please,” he implores, bumping into the Kingsman standing behind him. “I would never betray the crown I vowed to protect, nor my…show more content…
All of a sudden, the copper hair Kingsman pulls a conceal dagger from his back, and swiftly stabbed the Kingsman that was standing behind him. He spun quickly back to the king, thrusting it forward in a lethal manner. The king instantaneously grabs a hold of his wrist, driving him back into a wall. He slams his hand against it, causing him to drop the dagger, and clamps down on his throat with his bare hands. The room watches on in silence, with no one intervening on eithers behalf. (This is not the first time they have witnessed their old, but agile king, exact his own brand of vengeance with the use of his hands.) The copper hair Kingsman stares into the wild eyes of the king, as his lungs burned for air. He curls his fingertips underneath his, feeling his windpipes crushing under the weight of the king’s thick fingers, tasting a metallic taste in his mouth. His eyes are turning a solid red color. The room is spinning. He becomes lightheaded and dizzy, and could no longer put up a fight. It takes barely a minute, for him to succumb to the king’s grasp. His hands are falling to his side. His eyes are closing. The King releases him, watching him fall to the floor. He turns smoothly around and calmly approaches Seeker Gawin. “Is he the only one you’ve seen, lurking throughout my halls?” he question, his face unreadable. “He was the only one I saw when I touched the enchanted
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