King David

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King David- A Man After God’s Own Heart
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ADU-302 Servant Leadership
Jason Flejter

King David was an extremely influential person in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic doctrine and will always be considered a pillar in the foundation of all three cultures. King David was known for being “a man after God’s own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). He has been portrayed as not only a righteous King, but as a shepherd, noble warrior and poet as well. He is accredited with many of the psalms in the Holy Bible and is best known for reuniting the people of Israel.
Character Traits Displayed by David
David was born the youngest child of Jesse, a descendant from the tribe of Judah. Being the youngest child, David
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He never wanted or intended to crush his enemies but rather chose to bring these enemies back into his house. He willing accepted the blessings and disasters throughout his life even if they came from the hand of God. Although David displayed many characteristics as a servant leader, he was after all human and was not without faults.
Weaknesses of David David as a righteous king in the eyes of his people still displayed many weaknesses as a man. His attraction to Bathsheba, a married woman overtook his better judgment when he engaged in acts of adultery with her and soon got her pregnant. To hide this indiscretion he sent Bathsheba’s husband to the front lines of war surely knowing he would be killed in battle. When this happened, he then married Bathsheba. David was soon punished for this act when God took their child’s life and cursed him with a rebellion that would stem from within his house. David’s family life faced many trials and tribulations from this sin. He felt anguished when his son Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar. Absalom, Tamar’s brother then killed Amnon and caused David nothing but heart ache and pain. David succumbed to another horrible sin after he had his son Absalom killed in battle when he tried to overtake David’s house.
Valuable lessons can be learned from David’s weaknesses. God will punish even the righteous when they sin no matter the circumstance. These examples should be a strong reminder of how karma can haunt a person

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