King Embodied Stories

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In my piece “Embodied Stories” I am proposing to illustrate through photographed portraits Thomas king’s “The Truth About Stories.” This will depict the relationship between people and the stories that influence them.Thomas King discusses the importance of stories, and how their power can influence not just a single person but also an entire population. People’s ability to be tainted by stories starts as early as childhood. These aren't limited to bedtime tales, but by their parents lives, and how they see the world as well. King portrays this through his own family stories and his example of how “seeing the world through his mother’s eyes” (Thomas King, 2) tainted it for him. Although these specific stories are only relevant to him it does…show more content…
Whether that be an emotion or an idea I want to try and create something that brings the viewer to a place of further understanding. I have done this in the past through photography because I find it can be more relatable when I use real life to convey a concept. On my way to achieving a degree in media arts I am attending Emily Carr university. This has helped me further both my technical and conceptual skills.

Most of the work I have created have circled around the theme of identity. I have done this in several different fields including media and fine art. In media I have worked with both film, and digital photography. as well as videography. In 2016 I created a photography series titled “salad days” that depicted the give and take nature of youthfulness and what it means to mature. This work included nine square photos which incorporated text at the bottom of each image. The series was then feature in a show case exhibition. Recently I have started working more elaborately with video and incorporating metaphorical imagery into my films. This enables me to continue working with the theme of intangibility while being able to expand the format to include
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