King Francis-Personal Narrative

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I had hardly been able to get much sleep. I had had a terrible nightmare last night. I remembered it so vividly. In my nightmare I had been walking down the aisle, wearing a stunning cream colored wedding dress trimmed in gold lace. The dress in which I do recall was quite lovely. Everyone in the church watched me as I smiled at everyone while four of my servants had held the train of my dress. Once I had made it to the front of the church the groom had become more visible to me. It had been King Francis. I had continued smiling at Francis as the priest had begun the ceremony. After a while, me and Francis had slid a golden ring on each others finger. Soon the priest had finished speaking and it was time for us to share a kiss. I had gladly leaned in and kissed him. Then I had woken up. I definitely did not want to marry the hideous King Francis! Yet sadly, I knew that was…show more content…
Three servants had helped me get dressed into my pale pink dress with gorgeous rubies across the top of the satin bodice. I entered the dining room and had immediately greeted my parents. I had then took my seat next to my mother. We had then eaten our delicious feast and the king and queen had spoken for a while. Then he turned to me and asked “Mary, how has your betrothal with King Francis been?” As soon as he had said this my cheeks had flushed pink. I hadn’t expected him to ask me this. I wanted to share with him my true thoughts of the betrothal but I knew that I should say what he wanted to hear because of course, that is just how the world works. “It has been fine, father.” I lied. “That’s wonderful! We shall definitely have France as an alliance now!” King Henry exclaimed as he took a long gulp of wine from his golden goblet. As they king and queen eat, I remember all of those kind and handsome men I had met at the last banquet. Oh how much I wanted to marry one of them instead. I knew that wouldn’t be possible though. That is just how the world
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