King Gizzard's Murder Of The Universe

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One may find it difficult to find a band or artist as prolific as the Melbourne, Australia-based King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. With now 11 albums already to their name, it’s appropriate to describe King Gizzard as a collective of relentlessly hard working mad men unhinged by their eclectic weirdness. After customizing their instrumental setup for microtonal scales in “Flying Microtonal Banana,” then pulverizing listeners with aggressive psychedelic muddiness in their destructive three-chapter path through “Murder of the Universe” earlier this year, King Gizzard introduces another side to their creative sphere with the band’s third album of the year (yes, ridiculous, I know) “Sketches of Brunswick East,” a jazz-leaning project recorded in collaboration with Alex Brettin of Mild High Club. While they should not be mistaken as experimental…show more content…
The release of “Sketches” just goes to show that there are no limits to the scope of King Gizzard’s creative possibilities. This just hits all the right spots while harkening to days of few worries and plenty of blissful haze. Yet, there's just enough edge to “Sketches” to keep listeners aware of the artistry behind it all, making for this wave of pleasing aural stimulation even sweeter. Expansive, but muffled and private, this album flairs a special kind of warmth, one seemingly fitting for the current late summer heat, but will feel just as pleasant once fall's first breeze nears. Since their inception into the public stratosphere, King Gizzard has experimented with psychedelic rock/pop, surf, garage, folk, spoken word and now they can add jazz to their sonic resume. The conceptual path after “Sketches of Brunswick” remains a mystery for King Gizzard and with two more albums set to be released before they reach their lofty goal of five albums released in one year, don’t be surprised to see the band expand their creative horizons once more as their boundless imaginations and arduous work ethic continues to pay
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