King Hammurabi Speech

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Hello king Hammurabi, after my long journey I have many wonderful things to tell you about Egypt. First, the Nile river is the longest river in the world. It’s over 4000 miles. The river floods every year because of the mountain's snow melts and causes it to flood. But the good thing about the flooding, it creates good fertile soil and makes it easier for the farming. The river is used for bathing for the poor, cooking, drinking water, and farming. The Nile river is very important to our society. A thing that I also learned is that the achievements our society has done. We created Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is pictures and symbols that stand for ideas or writings. Another thing is the pyramids. For an example we created the Sphinx, Giza, and Khafre. They take around 20 years to just build one of this. Also we created farming. In our society we have three seasons. The flooding, harvest, and planting. Here in Egypt we have a lot of achievements and we should be proud of them.…show more content…
People refer to you as the Pharaoh. You have a police force, an army, and a lot of ministers. The vizier is your right hand man and he get’s reports from the top officials from all over Egypt. Once he get’s those he reports them to you. Also you have a higher court and a lower court. The vizier is the judge of the higher court. If you take court in the higher court it has to be important or you can get penalized. The lower court has elders of the town as judges. Another thing is trading. It is very important in Egypt. People all around trade with each other. There are also grain banks. They are used for keeping grain safe for the farmers. Our government is very
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