King Henry V A Tyrant Analysis

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Almost every scholar who has learned about King Henry V can agree that he is one of the most popular kings of his time period. Henry V was a young king so many scholars have questioned his actions. Especially, due to his earlier lifestyle because Henry V was an immature adult before he became king but when he became king he seemed very wise. This might be because he did not want people to expect much of him. But, one question that has been debated for a long time now is: is Henry V a Christian King or a Machiavelli tyrant? Henry V was a Machiavelli cruel leader and not a Christian king for these three reasons: He was not merciful, he led his men into battle because of his own desires, and Henry’s disguise. King Henry V was not merciful…show more content…
Just because you love someone does not mean that you are not a tyrant. In addition, too, this is the first time that King Henry V had deceived his people. King Henry V used to live an unvirtuous life while hanging out with robbers and non-chaste woman. But as soon as King Henry received the crown he was a different person and never seemed to think about his old life even when his friend is going to die Henry V does not do anything to stop it he just says “What men have you lost, Fluellen” followed by “…I think the Duke hath lost never a man, but one that is like to be executed for robbing a church…” ( Even when his friend is brought up in conversation King Henry V does not ask if there is anything his friend could do to be pardoned. King Henry V does not do things because he is a Machiavellian tyrant and desires to be feared rather than loved. King Henry V was an honorable king who was powerful and feared. King Henry V said to the ambassador that he was not a tyrant. Is Henry V an oppressive leader or, is he a good virtues Christian king? King Henry V is an oppressive leader since he led his men to battle for his own desires, he was not merciful, and he seemed to have a disguise for who he really was. In conclusion, King Henry V was not a Christian King but instead feared since Facilius est autem timeri quam
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