King Henry V As The Mirror Of All Christian Kings

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In this week’s first lecture we opened by watching the prologue from a production of Henry V. We discussed how this plays setting is that of some years after Henry IV. The present king Henry is the matured prince Hal from the last story. Shakespeare referred to King Henry V as “the mirror of all Christian kings, as he is a reflection of what Christian kings should be. We then talked about the essence of how this grand type of story could be effectively performed in a small wooden theater. We talked about the bond between the author, actors, and audience that exists in the theater. We also talked about the text of the prologue in which the chorus simply asks the audience to use their imaginations by requesting that they suspend disbelief. In this the Chorus essentially pleads with the audience to view the representations presented to them as what they are intended more than what they are. For this to be effective the triple bond comes into play, the writing, acting and audience participation are all required to properly appreciate the story as it was intended. We will use two approaches to look at this play, the first is as a Christian hero. We mentioned how Henry V was an embodiment of the symbols of the lion, fox, and pelican. The first scene after the prologue includes two cardinals praising the king for his great qualities. We began looking at some of the representations of Henry V as the fox symbol embodying the qualities of justice, wisdom, and diplomacy. We watched…
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