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King Henry VIII Born the second son of a royal family, Henry Tudor lived a very interesting life. His future was intended to be the head of the Roman Catholic Church and that fate ended with the death of his brother, Prince Arthur. Henry’s majestic life was full of sports, women, and faith. The young King acceded his father to the throne, married six women, and began the English Reformation when he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and created his own religion.
On the 28th day of June 1491 at Greenwich Palace, Elizabeth of York gave birth to her third child Henry Tudor. Henry was named after his father Henry VII and he was the couple’s second son, which meant that there was no chance for him to reign as King since he had an
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A papal dispensation, or permission from the pope, needed to be issued in order for Prince Henry to marry his brother’s widow. According to the book of Leviticus, the marriage was prohibited and “if a brother is to marry the wife of a brother they will remain childless”. After the death of her husband, Catherine denied that her marriage had been consummated and that no dispensation was required. Both England and Spain agreed that a papal dispensation was needed to assure that the marriage was justifiable. However, even after the papal dispensation was granted, Prince Henry and his brother’s widow did not wed because King Henry VII failed to keep his end of the bargain (“Henry VIII King of England” 2).
In 1509, Henry VII died and Henry, heir apparent, became King of England at eighteen years old. After the death of Henry VII and the accession of the throne by his son, Henry became Henry VIII and his first assignment was to execute his father’s ministers. It wasn’t until a few months after the death of his father that Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon (“Henry VIII King of England” 2). In the early years of Henry VIII’s reign, he was tall and handsome. Henry VIII was very talented in many things, including playing various musical instruments, being athletic, being a good linguist, dancing, hunting, and a musical composer among many other attributes (Fry 95). When Henry VIII first came to the throne, he had little to no interest in

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