King Henry VIII and his Great Impact on the History of England

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King Henry VIII was one of the most powerful rulers in the fifteenth century, who had a very captivating life many people are not aware of. Most people know Henry VIII as a berserk king with too many wives, but there is more to Henry VIII than that. Many few people know about his life and what he truly contributed to our world. Henry VIII was an almighty leader in England who won’t soon be forgotten. Henry VIII was born in Greenwich, England on June 28, 1491. At the age of just two years old Henry was named Constable of Dover Castle, and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. When he was three years old he was created the Duke of York. As a child Henry VIII was an all around well mannered, respectful child. His parents were Henry VII …show more content…
Catharine of Aragon was Arthur’s widow, and seven years after his death Henry VIII married her on June 11, 1509 when he was seventeen years old . The new prince, Henry VIII, did not waste any time in experimenting with his new found power. He quickly found two ministers his father greatly disliked when he was alive, and he had them arrested and then executed. Execution soon became Henry VIII’s standard way of punishing anyone who crossed his path.
Henry VIII realized that he needed to expand his territory in France, so in 1513 Henry VIII and his troops invaded France. They defeated France, and this battle came to be known as the Battle of the Spurs. At the time of this battle the Scottish invaded England as an attempt to distract Henry VIII from invading France. The Scottish’s attempt failed to get Henry VIII’s attention. Not long after this event, the Scottish were defeated at the Battle of Flodden Field. The battle between England and Scotland went from 1513-1517. Then on February 18, 1516, Henry VIII and his wife Catherine had their first child . They named their little girl Mary, who later became known as “Bloody Mary”. Princess Mary of England was their first child to survive infancy, and she was Catherine’s only child. Later in Mary’s life she became the Queen of England and the Queen of Ireland .
During King Henry VIII’s time of ruling he enjoyed spending a plethora

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