King Henry Viii And The Schism

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King Henry VIII and the Schism
St. Augustine, a Catholic saint that helped developed the Western Catholic Church, once said “ There is nothing more serious than the sacrilege of schism because there is no just case of severing the unity of the church” (St. Augustine). Through this quote it is learned of the significance of the Catholic Church saw to staying together and avoiding a schism( a split between parties based on different beliefs). The Catholics believed that in the event of a break in the church would cause a great disaster because they believed that the church needs to stay together as a whole or it would be blasphemy, and heresy. The Church also believed that if the church was to have a schism it would destroy the unity and sanctity of the church. This in fact would be believed to take away from the church in the manner of it not being the only church with the same mission. Therefore when King Henry VIII ( the second Tudor, monarch, who ruled from 1509-1547) separated from the Catholic Church it went completely against the mission that St. Augustine was trying to teach us through his comments about the church having a schism. The dangers it could have caused were believed to lead to a destruction of the church and lead to the end of the Catholic Church all together. Although there are people that view King Henry VIII actions as positive for Europe and beneficial to Europe especially England, it should be seen that King Henry VIII actions were not actually…

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