King Henry Viii

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During the Wars of Roses, a European royal house of Welsh origins rose to power, a dynasty, which rules England for the next one-hundred and eighteen years. The powerful and most well known dynasty is the House of Tudor. Henry VII became king in 1485 and took Elizabeth of York as his wife.They had four children Prince Arthur of Wales, Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII, and Mary Tudor. Henry VIII was born June 28, 1491 at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich. Being the second born son Henry was raised and educated to take a secular role in life, most likely as the Archbishop of Canterbury. His grandmother Margaret Beaufort supervised his early childhood education. Henry was reported to excel at book learning as well as athletics required by…show more content…
This rocky reign begins with him receiving a license from Pope Julius II granting him the marriage to Catherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow. Together on June 24, 1509, they are crowned King and Queen. The first two years of Henry VIII’s reign is filled with lack of interest in governmental affairs allowing his advisor Thomas Wosley to increase his influence over England. Eventually he becomes interested in holding power when shifting alliances in the west catch his eye. He then took an interest in his navy building it up to 53 ships, which took quite a bit of money. This took up most of his early reign and left the end with leaving the country in a religious mix up for years to come. As we know, his first wife was the humble and always loyal Catherine of Aragon. They met when they were adolescences, and married later on to create a powerful alliance, a surplus of wealth, and maybe even for love. However, that was not enough to keep Henry VIII faithful after many pregnancies that left them with only one child who survived. That child was Mary born in February 1516. The other children had been miscarriages except for two boys. Sadly, though neither baby lived through infancy. Talk of divorce stirred about since before Princess Mary’s birth. However, with her birth brought new hope that a male heir was still possible. The divorce was delayed until it was certain she could never produce a male heir. That is

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