King Henry Viii : The King Of The Throne

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King Henry VIII was one of the most important and controversial leaders in English royalty history. In his rule, he made several large changes to normal English lifestyle, including taking complete control over the Church system and stripping the pope of all of his powers in England. He also broke a Christian tradition by having six different wives (In Christianity, you are not allowed not allowed to divorce or have several spouses). King Henry VIII 's life and rule completely redefined English history and legacy, and he certainly will be remembered forever as one of the most important leaders of his time. Henry VIII was born on June 28, 1491 in Greenwich, London, England. The rules of a monarchy state that the King 's eldest son is the heir to the throne, but this was not the case for Henry VIII. He had an older brother named Arthur, who was originally intended to take the throne. Arthur was born in 1495 as the eldest son of King Henry VII and the future heir to the English throne. In his short life, he received several titles of nobility, such as the Duke of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales. Unfortunately, Arthur 's life was limited to only 15 years when he died in 1502 from unknown conditions, making Henry VIII the eldest son. Henry VIII also had five other siblings. Margaret Tudor, the eldest daughter of Henry VII, married James VI of Scotland. After he died, she went on to marry Archibald Douglas, the Sixth Earl of Angus. During the marriage, she became the…

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