King Henry Viii 's Reign

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Born on June 28, 1491, Henry Tudor, also known as Henry VIII, would grow up to be a powerful king. Two months before his 18th birthday, Henry VIII would be made the King of England, succeeding his father, Henry VII. Henry was an egotistical man who indulged in the much finer things in life. He would not only become known as the king with six wives, but also the king who changed England’s religious history forever. King Henry VIII’s reign would be would be known as a significant “problem period” in England’s religious history. King Henry VIII used religion to obtain what he desired and to further his political power. “Henry VIII was a man whose ego and appetites were as large as his daunting physical size, but he was not stupid (Newcombe, 28).” Henry knew he possessed the most power in England. He enjoyed all the riches that came with being King of England. Being only king was not enough for Henry. Henry viewed himself as though he was a biblical king who was given the responsibility, from God himself, to share the laws of the Lord. In the Church of England, Henry was able to share these laws from God but with an imperial tone. Due to his high status in society, Henry would answer to no one but himself and God. Henry was a man full of desires; desires ranging from material and sexual to political and religious. He believed he would not, or more importantly, could not, be denied his requests. He desired a male heir above all other wishes. A male heir was not only important…

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