King Henry 's Viii Church Of England

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Jason E. Burleigh
English M01A
Professor Egan
November 21, 2014
King Henry’s VIII Church of England
Was the Reformation Based in Religion or Politics? When most students think of Henry VIII, they think of the mad, power hungry and misogynistic tyrant who beheaded two of his wives and married six times. Although those events did in fact take place, it is the greater accomplishments of King Henry VIII that should be remembered throughout history. Historians consider Henry VIII to be the most important monarch to have ruled the English and Welsh (Hutton). While Henry VIII is most memorable for his foundation of the Church of England, he was also admired for his remodeling of English government and taxation, the arrival of renaissance art and literature to England, the establishment of the Kingdom of Ireland, and the establishment of major buildings such as colleges, palaces, and fortresses (Hutton). King Henry VIII was an essential figure in establishing in the mind of the public, the island state of England, to be a powerful but independent nation. The English reformation is often regarded as the most important event in English history. There are many misconceptions about the cause of the reformation, as well as debate over the impact the Reformation had on English culture and society. It is indisputable that the English reformation finds its roots with King Henry VIII. Henry VIII was the most influential factor in the reformation and is the very cause of the separation of…
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