King Henry's Speech

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This essay is about how King Henry rallied his men together to get them ready for battle against the French army. They were looking down upon themselves because they were outnumbered by the French. He made them feel equal as to fighting together as brothers and having brotherhood. I will examine three examples that show how Henry communicates to his men before battle In the beginning opening lines he stated “ The fewer men, the greater share of honour. God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more. He was saying that with the men we have if we are to win the greater the victory will be because of the simple fact we were outnumbered. If the numbers were even it would have been a fair fight with the French and it just would have…show more content…
Also means the people will know our names due to our bravery in this battle and commitment to the king. This brings them together because if they all fight together and win they, will come together as a family and show unity next year around this time because we fought together as brothers to get these battle scars. Towards the end of his speech he goes to say “ we few, we happy few, we band of brothers” meaning what we have is really what we got. Together as a team as brothers, we will be united to fight this battle out as one. Us together as one can make this fight better than us as individuals. We fight as brothers, as one, the few that we have we will fight as one. He makes it known that we are one if I fight it is as a united family and we will fight with honor due to the fact we’re really all we have right now. Therefore, in the three examples provided above it restates to you how King Henry made his men, his soldiers come together as one. He knew the exact word to say to get them ready for the battle and it worked. This entire speech showed how he was a brilliant and wonderful communicator to all walks of life and to men of different social
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