King Karl 's : The Forgotten Tactician

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Sebastian Bristow
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King Karl XII: The Forgotten Tactician

Who do you think of when you hear someone ask about who the great military tacticians in history are? Most people would think of Napoleon Bonaparte of France, Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome, Hannibal Barca of Carthage, Alexander the Great of Macedonia, Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Erich von Manstein of Germany, and Erwin Rommel of Germany. All of these tacticians are great and I would put many of them on my top list of tacticians and some as the very top. However there is a king who came from the north, Sweden to be exact, who may not have been the best tactician of all time, but he definitely deserves to be known as one of the great tacticians of history. Even my friends who know a lot about history have never heard of him; only my Swedish friends and family know about him. This king’s name is Karl XII of Sweden, but is also known as Carolus Rex, the Alexander of the North and the Swedish Meteor. Karl XII has had many impressive victories and almost won a war that looked impossible to win because of the fact that he was a king of a tiny nation with only 1.5 million citizens, but he is often overshadowed by other great tacticians, so he is mostly swept away in history as just another European king. I think this is unfair and he deserves to be known as the tactical genius he was, even though his strategy may not have been the greatest. King Karl XII, was born on April 5th

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