King Lear Act 3 Questions Essay

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King Lear Act III Study Questions
Scene I 1. Kent reveals to the Gentlemen that tension between Regan’s husband (Albany) and Goneril’s husband (Cornwall) could quite possible result in a civil war. However, aside from the war, the two may be united in plotting against the murder of King Lear. The King of France is preparing to make a move against these two divided house. He may have already sent spies to their households disguised as servants. 2. The mission that Kent asks the Gentlemen to complete is to go to Dover, the place where Cordelia lives, and inform her of how insultingly he was treated by Goneril and Regan. Also, in order to make sure that Cordelia knows the message sent is from him, he instructs to the Gentlemen to
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11. Edgar’s speech is filled with alliterations when he is telling King Lear about how he is being chased by the devil. He states some interesting things such as “the fould fiend follows me” (3.4. 50.) 12. Upon seeing Edgar emerge from the hovel disguised as poor Tom, Lear immediately assumes that he is a madman and the reason he is in this state is because of his daughters. 13. Edgar responds to Lear’s assumptions by stating that he once used to be a rich courtier who used to drink wine all the time and have women with him. 14. Lear tears off his clothes in response to seeing Edgar (disguised as Tom) with an uncovered body. It’s the first time in his life that he actually sympathizes with someone other than himself. As Lear is driven further and further into insanity, he starts to think more about humanity and the way the world perceives him. Lear has actually taken into account some of the things that Edgar says because he realized that the world doesn’t just revolve around him and that material possessions are not everything. This kind of ironic because along with being physically naked, he is also figuratively naked because he has lost all support and must face the cruelties of the world by himself. 15. Gloucester’s appearance at the hovel illustrates the parallel
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