King Lear Character Analysis

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Conor Oberst once said, “I think in a lot of ways unconditional love is a myth. My mom's the only reason I know it's a real thing.” A motherly figure makes up a huge part in someone's life that can affect them in an emotional way or personality wise. The anonymously written play, King Leir, published on May 15, 1594. In the play, the single father, King Leir, was betrayed by his two oldest daughters as he realizes that they do not love him. “He fled the land, and sailed to Gallia, there to seek some comfort of his youngest daughter Cordeilla, whom before he hated” (Holinshed: Chronicles). Out of all of his children, he favored his youngest Cordeilla due to her “motherly” personality of caring and love for him. Shakespeare’s version of…show more content…
The story of mother and daughter has indeed been written, although it is not often found on the surface but in the submerged depths of literary texts.” Why aren’t there any stories or tragedies of mother and children? The lack of a motherly figure in King Lear has been shown through the characters that lack the maturity and inability to grasp different types of personality traits.
Our Everyday Life mentions some effects of an absent motherly figure such as a lack of confidence. “A child who does not have a mother figure in his life may suffer from feelings of shame, leading to a lack of confidence. He may conclude that he is unlovable, or not worthy of love, explains Gerlach. This may lead to a fear of developing bonds with other adults, because he is scared they will abandon him, too. Adolescents who have not had a mother figure may use unhealthy activities, such as promiscuity or criminal behavior, to find love, acceptance and security” ( This is indistinguishable to the actions done by Goneril in order to “find love” from Edmund in Act III scene 5. Goneril was in a love brawl against Regan as they both had affection for the same person. Goneril’s lack of confidence has made her criminal behavior take the extra step in order to find love by poisoning her very own sister thus killing Regan. Another example would be when Edmunds lack of confidence lead him to find a way into getting his

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