King Lear Character Analysis

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A character study of a mortal man full of unpredictable mental illnesses can be as confusing of a thing to do as the thoughts within his own mind. King Lear was one with a mind that could be compared to a light switch; whereas, ones emotional state changes from one extreme to the other, with just that one flip of the switch (Hudson, 1911). He had a vast need for power and control; this combined with his enormous selfishness, created room for many mental outbursts. Most of which were due to his not getting his way, resulting in twisted snap judgments that were raged by a fiery temper. Most of which were because of and at the cost of those he loved the most, his daughters. King Lear has been portrayed as many things throughout time and in different plays; however, two things remain the same among them all: dysfunction and insanity.
When looking into the soul of King Lear one can see a man that was destined to be driven crazy by life circumstances that most can handle. However, when the mind is not healthy from the beginning of time life can and will take a toll on the mental status with in all. Lear it seemed had what today would be referred to as a personality disorder along the lines of being bi-polar (Ross, 2014). He had a vast emotion disconnection that resulted in a lack of empathy and unfair manipulation and treatment of all around him, family not being exempt from. This dysfunctional type behavior is not just a learned behavior by one’s own children yet also a herritary

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