King Lear Conflicts

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Everybody loves a little bit of conflict. Dramas that lack conflict are normally dull and uneventful. It almost seems to be as if it was a rule that conflicts should always be considered an essential part of all dramatic performances. The interesting thing about the conflict in King Lear is that there's essentially two storylines going on. King Lear with his three daughters Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan; and Gloucester with his sons Edmund and Edgar. And Within These two storylines, the conflicts between the parents and the children are essentially identical; Lear and Gloucester (father figures) decide they're going to give their property to their youth, however, selfishness and corruption consume some of the youth (Edmund, Goneril, and Regan) which leads to deceit and ultimately everyone's suffrage. Especially suffrage of the father figures. Another interesting point…show more content…
There was Man Vs man, man vs self, Man vs society, and Man vs nature. an example of Man vs Man conflict is Goneril and Regan as they are initially allied with each other to gain as much power as possible however split apart when Edmund becomes part of their lives. An example of Man vs self is King Lear as he realizes that he's made a mistake in granting his kingdom and power to Goneril and Regan and ignoring Cordelia, who was the one true daughter who actually loved him. An example of Man vs Society is Edmund, as he is an illegitimate son, and has no claims on his father's land or property so Edmund turns evil and decides he wants to change this by turning his father against his legitimate son, Edgar. An example of Man vs nature when King Lear Walks Into the Storm The storm threatened his health however she didn't care because the storm mirrored his psychological state “The tempest in my mind Doth from my senses takes all feeling else Save what beats there—filial ingratitude.”(act 3 scene 4, King Lear) Lear was also on the brink of
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