King Leonidas And The Brave Spartans

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Call To Arms On the morning of September 17, 480 B.C, the day known throughout history and Hollywood as the last stand of the 300 Spartans. King Leonidas and the brave Spartans faced imminent death as they fought the overwhelming 200,000 Persian soldiers. History sees this event as the battle of Thermopalae, but to Hollywood and most viewers it is better known as the movie- 300 directed by Zack Snider. The movie is very unique as it brings to light the events leading up to the one of the greatest last stands in history displayed by the Greeks. But what makes the movie memorable is the Speech given by Dilios played by actor David Wenham in the final scene. Dilios 's speech captures the attention of many for expressing passion, logic, and credibility to call his Greek army to arms as they charge against the Persians facing imminent doom. In this scene, Dilios addresses an army of Spartans and Greeks at the battlefield of Plataea, another important battle during that time period. It has been months since the 300 Spartans brave sacrifice, but now Dilios commands an army of 10,000 Spartans and over 30,000 Greek soldiers as well. Dilios addresses his new army in sure confidence. He walks along his army with his head held high and his chest out, showing no fear of the upcoming battle ahead. He looks at each man in the eye, personally talking to each one of his comrades. He even engages some of his soldiers by giving them a pat on the back, to reassure their victory is all but
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