King Leonidas

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Although of the very aged scenarios, we can easily still relate its contents to these days life. The story is rich and loaded with explicit and hidden valuable lessons. For instance we can brief and conclude that the quantity doesn’t matter but the quality does.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll be mirroring some scenarios to our current era and eventually conclude and learn numerous lessons.

Such as example, let’s start with a business owner who supports his team and motivate its members, he will certainly get out the utmost possible of their powers and will be able to compete easily with more than a few competitors if needed, without even the necessity to take into consideration their numbers or volume. The team will thrive to achieve
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We must not underestimate our competitors neither be satisfied with our past accomplishments nor hold down the progress bar because simply there will be always a mad person who will be up to the challenge!

At the End and in spite of its bitterness, King Leonidas and his 300 who fought for Greece have never retreated nor surrendered. Maybe it is very rare in our times to witness such act and sacrifice. We are living in an era where leaving behind our problems instead of facing them is the solution for most of us.
This real based true story film revives in our character some traits that we are sadly unable to explore with our current social environment. It is an environment where we lack honesty, braveness and decisiveness.

Finally and as the story of these heroes is still common and spread even 2000 years after its date, we could easily declare that Spartans have succeeded in sharing an extremely valuable message with the world and humanity as all, a fruitful message which we are still learning from till the right
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