King Leopold II and Joseph Stalin

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King Leopold II and Joseph Stalin were both tyrants who ruled during different times in history. Both men ruled their respective territories almost solely autonomously and exploited, mutilated, and murdered the people who they should have been protecting. The atrocities committed by these are remembered as some of the most horrific crimes committed during their respective centuries of rule. It is important to understand that these men did not begin their rein with the intent on killing millions of people. They believed in their countries and wanted to relinquish power with their homeland in a better state and brighter future than when they assumed power. As is seen in history, it is to easy to commit heinous crimes for the sake of a good intentions. Not only where both of leaders monsters, but looking the lens of the present they were also terrorists. They terrorized not just people not from the same home land but their own countrymen and in doing so will always be remembered not for the good they did do, but the egregious acts they committed throughout their tenure. King Leopold was born in Brussels and rose to become the second king of the Belgians. He was the second son of his parents and eldest surviving as his older brother had died before he was born. Growing up he served in many roles and had numerous positions and titles. His first was bestowed on him at the age of nine when he given the title of Duke of Brabant, he also served the army and eventually
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