King Louis Xiv And The Sun King

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King Louis XIV of France was known as “Louis the Great” or the “Sun King” because he ruled with such strength and power. King Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, was a helpful leader in France. King Louis XIV had the longest reign in European history, reigning from 1643 to 1715. King Louis XIV was an effective ruler politically, religiously, socially, and artistically. Louis XIV ruled with an iron fist, which many would come to criticize him for this, but it is one of his strong points. Another weak point of the king’s was his in ability to stay out of conflicts. This caused France to suffer greatly economically. King Louis XIV ruled by the saying “One king, one law, one faith.” In doing so he was able to help France. He accomplished “one king” and “one law”, by restricting the power of others, and by uniting the religion of the state, he attained “one faith”. Louis XIV was an absolutist leader, and centered the country around himself, by doing so, he was capable of building a strong and centralized monarchy and helping France. Politically, King Louis XIV was successful in helping France by ruling with absolute power. Louis XIV took power away from others, such as the parliament, and put it all into his control. This was successful because at the time, France needed structure, and Louis was able to provide that. Louis ruled firmly. He did not allow anyone to challenge his power, and if they did do so, they would be punished. Another key point in Louis
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