King Louis Xiv Of France

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L’État, c’est moi” (“I am the state”). Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth century, absolute monarchs ruled many countries and states. In an absolutist state, power and sovereignty is embodied within one person. Absolute kings attempted to control competing institutions and jurisdictions in their state, and secured power with the nobility. An absolute monarchy has total political power over its sovereign state and people. King Louis XIV of France and Tsar Peter the Great of Russia were both absolute monarchs. These two monarchs satisfied the four characteristics of absolutism: divine right of kings, meaning they were chosen by God; skilled bureaucracy, where decisions are made by the state; control of the economy, absolute monarchs had control of money and trading; and lastly a professional army, the absolutist must have a permanent standing army. King Louis XIV of France was born on September 5, 1638, he became King at age five, in 1643, and his reign lasted until 1715. King Louis XIV satisfied the four conditions of absolutism. The divine right of kings meant Louis received his power directly from God, loyalty to the King meant loyalty to God. The Sun King was a name given to Louis XIV. This name associated him with the gods; the planets revolve around the sun, as France revolves around Louis. He also had a skilled administration, which was a large bureaucracy of departments that advised him and supported his decisions. Louis isolated the nobles and relinquished
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