King Minos and the Virus: A Short Story

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The island of Crete had a palace full of twists and turns that belonged to King Minos. His palace was dark, which made it harder for you to see where you were going. The palace would make you feel as if something was crawling on your skin because of its creepiness. As you sniff, the smell of the dead arises into your nose. Walking by each room, you can hear a banging sound. Everywhere you go, you can taste the saltiness of the ocean. The sounds of whimpering and cries of other people are easily heard. Every year, fourteen youth would enter the palace and try to find a secret way out. King Minos would always choose seven boys and seven girls to even things out. But there was one condition; bulls were in some of the hundreds of rooms as a trap. When a youth encountered a bull, they would have to perform an acrobatic trick on the bull. If they failed, the bull would kill them. Only a few have ever survived and found a way out. But King Minos wouldn’t care about those who died. In fact, he enjoyed it a lot. “Attention! I will be picking the fourteen youth who will go in my palace for our yearly competition!” King Minos announced. Spectators became excited as the speech continued. “Now, I will draw names from this big pile,” he addressed. As he looked down at the pile of names, he started to smile. His smile looked as evil as a devil. His big hands rustled through the pile. Grabbing fourteen slips of paper; he unfolded them and announced the names. “Let’s see what we have

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