King Of The Bingo Game By Ralph Ellison

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Introduction The short story “King of the Bingo Game” was written by Ralph Ellison. It was first published in the journal Tomorrow in November 1944. The story involves the protagonist Bingo King who is alone in the world and his isolation is further highlighted by the potential death of his wife who is critically ill. The story interestingly examines a segment of Americans who are often ignored and are new to the urban life (Ellison, 1944). The protagonist has been given characteristics such as backwoods cluelessness and inner yearning that he finds difficult to understand and articulate. The story is centered on the theme of helplessness before the hand of fate and individual restrained efforts to overcome the inability to defend one’s…show more content…
It was later recognized as seminal American work that defined race relations in America from a black point of view. Ellison published a collection of many essays and interviews and he became a celebrated author and was awarded numerous grants and honor. He died of cancer in 1994 ("Https://ralph Ellison," n.d.). The plot King of Bingo Game with a man in a movie theatre watching a movie he has seen before. The man is hungry but he can smell peanuts being eaten by a woman sitting in front of him. He thinks of asking the woman for a peanut and she would give him one. He also thinks the same about men sitting on his right taking wine. He does not have money and his wife Laura is sick and dying. Watching the movie, he admires how the characters in the movie can be able to escape from their problems but for his case, he cannot. He also thinks of what would happen if the woman in the movie were to take off her clothes (Ellison, 1944). The bingo king falls asleep and he dreams that he is back to the south where he used to live as a young boy. He dreams that a train is coming after him and although he jumps off the tracks, the train follows him to the highway and down the street. He wakes up screaming and an old man next to him gives him a drink of whiskey. The movie had now ended and bingo game begins. The protagonist has five cards and he is worried that the bingo caller would not like it if he knew, but he needs money for the doctor since his wife
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