King Philips War

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American History 19 October 2001 King Philip's War: An Exercise In Failure In 1675, the Algonquian Indians rose up in fury against the Puritan Colonists, sparking a violent conflict that engulfed all of Southern New England. From this conflict ensued the most merciless and blood stricken war in American history, tearing flesh from the Puritan doctrine, revealing deep down the bright and incisive fact that anger and violence brings man to a Godless level when faced with the threat of pain and total destruction. In the summer of 1676, as the violence dispersed and a clearing between the hatred and torment was visible, thousands were dead.(Lepore xxi) Indian and English men, women, and children, along with many of the young villages of…show more content…
Indians began converting to Christianity, moving out of Algonquian villages, and as a result, this common ground was expanding, leading the Puritans to believe they had the power to become the dominating political and religious force in New England.(Drake 25) The Puritans began to push Christianity and English forms of government upon the natives.(Leach 47) The Indians leaders were completely uninterested in the societal goals of the English, but the people of the tribes, excited by the grandeur of Christianity and the English way of life were intrigues. Algonquian leaders were greatly angered by the effect such goals were having on the Indian people. As the English gained power, the sachem (a king-like title among the Algonquian people) lost power, and as the Christian Church gained power, the medicine men, or powwaws, would lose their grip on the Algonquian spirituality. (Lepore 28) This angered Metacomet, sachem of the Algonquains, (also known as King Philip), to organize a party devoted to a forceful rebellion. John Sassamon, a devoted Indian Christian and a former friend and advisor to Metacomet, heard of this, and released the information to the English authorities. Sassamon was found dead, several days later, and was presumed murdered by members of Algonquian tribe, who were later captured and executed. (Lepore 43) With this bloodshed, the violence commenced and the conflict exploded upon Southern
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