King Richard I : The Lion King

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Richard I ruled as the king of England from 1189-1199. King Richard I, also known as “The Lion Heart” was a glorious warrior and military leader, known to be extremely ambitious, that led England through many significant military accomplishments. His father, Henry II didn’t believe that Richard would be a successful ruler of England, but in his short reign of only nine years, he was able to make an enormous accomplishment for England. His greatest accomplishment was the Third Crusade, and over a reign of only about nine years, King Richard I was able to recover much of the Holy Land from Saladin, the leader of the Islamic forces during the Third Crusade. Even though he failed to recover the city of Jerusalem, he negotiated a peace treaty with Saladin that allowed the Christians to practice their religion in all of the Holy Places in the city. Richard I was able to reverse almost all of the conquests of Saladin, allowing the Christians to reoccupy the coast of Palestine. Richard I’s conquests and significant military accomplishments for England prove him a successful leader of England.
Richard I was born on September 8th, 1157, the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard’s father was the grandson of Henry I of England and his mother was the daughter of William X of France. King Henry II Richard had an older brother, young King Henry, and an older sister Matilda. He also had two younger brothers, Geoffrey and John, and two younger sisters, Eleanor and Joan.

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