King Richard III Research Paper

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Alexis De La Garza Mr.Burrows World History p4 9 December 2016 King Richard III “So wise so young, they say, do never live long.” -william shakespeare, Richard iii Born in Northamptonshire,england, on October 2,1452 was Richard iii(university of leicester). Richard became king when his two nephews mysteriously disappeared. This became the talk of the town because most believe it was richard who murdered these two princes. It was believed he did this to protect himself as king(bio). He was only king of england for a surprising two years, because he later had a gruesome death in the battle of bosworth(bio). Was king richard a negative impact as a king to england? King richard brought himself to be selfish, unpredictable and worried many in england. There are many widely spread…show more content…
Clearance was showing signs of jealousy and richard agreed to drown him in wine(king Richard III doc.). Another person Richard betrayed was lord hastings.Richard pretended to be has friend and even shared a day with him.But Richard saw him too much as a threat and had him beheaded.(king Richard III doc.) Richard definitely had a lot of enemies and didn't care for for anyone but himself.All he care about was the power he gained and keeping that power. He shows this when he kills certain people that relate to the throne(edwardyv). It also shows that he has enemies by the way he died. It wasn't so much as how he dies but what happened to his body afterwards. His body showed that after he died people did horrible revenge to his deceased body(worldviews). King Richard III did a lot of unforgivable things to people during his time as king. He is not remembered today as a noble king. He is remembered for all of his mistakes and people he killed(edwardyv). He left england with tons of unanswered questions and made them not capable of trusting
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