King Simon's Journey

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After eating, Merlin set off for the town-centre; the merchants were planning to ride on to reach further outlying towns to trade, and he wasn’t sorry to see them go. He had only completed part of his journey-- to locate Morgana. King Rodor had entrusted him with finding a Lord Simon to discuss repair efforts in Nemeth. Apparently this Lord Simon could be trusted implicitly and would provide all the information required.

For a moment, his mind wandered to Mithian again and the sensitive expression in her eyes. But he shook his head to clear the thought and kept walking.

Despite the miserable circumstances that drove him here, he couldn’t complain. Just like Camelot, Lydil was alive in ways he could only sense, not explain. And without the twisting pathways of Camelot’s Lower Town, everything was far easier to find, so although Rodor had given him a rough outline of all the important places, he didn’t really need help. Lord Simon’s house was a little way after the apothecary if he stayed
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It opened to reveal a sallow-faced, frowning man dressed entirely in blue. “Yes?”

“Are you Lord Simon?”

“Is there another Lord Simon in this town that I am unaware of?” He sounded as though he wanted to own the universe.

“King Rodor has sent me to speak with you,” Merlin said, ignoring this comment and handing him a scroll emblazoned with Nemeth's official seal. “It concerns the repair efforts in Nemeth.”

“I am dealing with it.” He started to shut the door.

“Wait-- Sir... The King is concerned about money being stolen from the Treasury by certain Lords...”

Lord Simon raised an eyebrow. “Are you calling me a thief?”

“No! Of course not; the King simply requires assurances that all efforts are being made to protect the kingdom's resources.”

“As I said, I am dealing with it-- or is my word insufficient for you?”

“It is... sufficient. Although the King is also concerned about the rampant looting. Are you dealing with that
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