King Solomons Mines Analysis

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Salman Farooq Ghani
Mr. Weigel
Honors English VII
11 December 2004
King Solomon's Mines
Henry Rider Haggard sets out to create a peculiarly thrilling and vigorous tale of adventure, in his book King Solomon's Mines. King Solomon's Mines is a romantic adventure tale. Sir Henry Curtis, Captain Good and the Allan Quatermain set out on a perilous journey in search for a lost companion and fabled treasure. The book is based in Zululand, Africa and conveys "the fascination Sir Henry R. Haggard found in Africa's landscape, wild life, and mysterious past" (Drabble 210). This term paper relates to how Sir Henry Rider Haggard's experiences and life in Africa have influenced his writings and in particular King Solomon's Mines.
Sir Henry Rider
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In Kukuanaland, they encounter a barbaric king, Twala. According to Haggard Twala appearance was "that of an enormous man with the most entirely repulsive countenance we had ever beheld (103)." Umpoba, the mysterious Zulu servant, steps forward to claim his right to the throne (Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) 3). After a series of bloody battles, Twala is overthrown, and Umpoba, the rightful heir becomes king (Haggard 175). Finally Sir Henry, Captain Good, and Allan set out for King Solomon's Mines, accompanied by an evil witch-doctor Gagool (Haggard 187). In the deep chambers of the mines Gagool deserts the company, and seals the passage to leave them hopelessly trapped (Sir Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) 3). Having abandoned hope the company surrender themselves to death but as they say "where there's life there's hope," (Haggard 212) they manage to find a way out of the miserable mines and Allan Quatermain scrambles a few diamonds with him. On their homeward journey, they find Neville on the outskirts of the desert (Haggard 232). The company returns home rich, famous and successful.
Allan Quatermain is a first person narration by the author. Allan is a veteran elephant hunter. He is recruited by Captain Good and Henry Curtis on their expedition to King Solomon's Mines. Allan is described as a timid man; he is not much of an adventurer. He prefers to stay on the safe side. Allan os reluctant to undertake the journey, he

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