King Theseus: An Ancient Greek Myth

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anuary third, 897 BCE, Theseus, the adolescent son of King Aegeus of Athens sought aid from the gods and the royals, they helped guide his way through the Cretan Labyrinth, allowing him to slay the monster to whom Athens had been forcibly sacrificing its youth for years. The key to Theseus’ survival was a gift from Priestess Ariadne of Crete. “The gods had gifted me with the victory, but if it wasn’t for the magic twine, I would have never found my way back,” said Theseus. In addition to the eagerness to protect his father’s kingdom and be deemed a hero, the magic thread that Theseus received from the Priestess led him to the heart of the Labyrinth where the Minotaur lived. The savage Creature was dormant; allowing him the opportunity to
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