King and Stafford Compared

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When trying to comprehend a story one should always take note of the important aspects throughout the passage. There are various instances contained in the essay’s “A Way Of Thinking” by William Stafford, and “The Symbolic Language of Dreams” by Stephen King that have vital pieces that contribute to the whole message. Specific questions, words, and events should be identified when trying to develop a full understanding of the meaning. Stafford and King both illustrate the various aspects and ideas on how a writer creates. Stafford expresses his views on how receptivity and trust within the individual’s inner world help the writer create. Similarly, King depicts numerous reasons as to how dreams have helped him in his writing. After reading…show more content…
I feel that this idea prevents the writer from censoring their thoughts and allows the individual to fully write their thoughts. I feel that after reading Stafford’s essay I will be able overcome some of my anxiety about my writing skills. I feel that numerous writers experience writer’s blocks and feel frustrated while they’re attempting to write. Therefore, by using Stafford’s ideas I believe that I will able to avoid writer’s blocks and be less stressed while writing. One question that I have is why Stafford regards his thoughts as weak, wandering, diffident impulses? I understand that he goes off of impulses but I do not understand why he regards them as weak and wandering. Another question I have in regards to Stafford’s essay is what he means by receptivity being a process where nobody is judging him? I understand that by being receptive one can go into a new territory of thinking. However, I do not understand what he means that nobody can judge him.
There have been various other times in which I am able to connect to this essay. For instance, recently at the previous institute that I attended I had to write a fifteen-page research paper for my Composition and Literature I course. After getting about half way through the paper I became stressed and started to experience a writer’s block. I had no idea what else to write about, and instead of relaxing and just writing down the ideas that came in mind, I started to worry
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