Kingdom And Culture Paper

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Kingdom and Culture paper

As Christian living in a diverse human society with many diverse cultures that have many different viewpoints in politics, government, science, and religion. So how does Christian conceive their godly duty sharing good news in this diverse and culture different world? This topic is no small issue. When comes to Christian evangelistic effort as one seeks to communicate the godly message in a culturally different world. This is question that every Christian must ask themselves because every culture is different it is everything which people do and think. Culture is a pattern of learned beliefs and behaviors that are part of human activity in life. Christian must learn human experience because certain things that we
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“The entire realm of cultural viewpoint endeavor were values challenged by the radical demands that came from Jesus Christ teaching like what Christ must mean. Jesus call into question values of entire culture viewpoints because not ultimately important” to the true biblical message from God teaching in Old Testament. When Christ died on the cross the culture of the Jewish people changed forever by group, no bodies that share message of hope and truth that challenge culture viewpoint of the time. The church teaches instructs also equips believers in bibical doctrine, so their devotion to Christ is evident in their Christian walk throughout their cultural society when it comes to their worldview. As the church grew throughout human history, the responsibility of the church leader such as pastor, misters and deacon is to manage church culture also to managed the vision of the church in diverse culture world. “Christianity which has remained true to its unchanging core and has developed flexible practices that operate within our cultural environment and change with the passage of time.” Our unchanging core values from God is flexible helps Christian goes into culture rich society and effect change by engaging people in a personal relationship with God. The Bible shows that God engaged in relationship throughout scripture these relationships in the Old Testament change Jewish culture. As Christian, we need to engage people on a personal level by respecting their culture
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