Kingdom And Culture Paper

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Kingdom and Culture paper

As Christian living in a diverse human society with many diverse cultures that have many different viewpoints in politics, government, science, and religion. So how does Christian conceive their godly duty sharing good news in this diverse and culture different world? This topic is no small issue. When comes to Christian evangelistic effort as one seeks to communicate the godly message in a culturally different world. This is question that every Christian must ask themselves because every culture is different it is everything which people do and think. Culture is a pattern of learned beliefs and behaviors that are part of human activity in life. Christian must learn human experience because certain things that we take for granted might be offensive to one culture and perfectly normal to another. In this paper, we will be asking how Christianity was decided by Christ 's sacrifices on the cross how we share the biblical rich worldview to diverse cultural society.
Cultural diverse society
Diversity is a biblical mandate the great commission Jesus commands us in (Matthew 28:19)” go and make disciples of all nations” to answer this question how the church goes out to make disciples. First, we must first look at scripture at Jesus political stand when came to culture of the Jewish people. At the time, Jewish spiritual leaders were unwilling to accept political, cultural change to their spiritual beliefs system and were threatened by Christ and his…

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