Essay on Kingdom and Culture

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Kingdoms and Cultures Toni Romero Grand Canyon University Christian Worldview and Contextualization HTH 655 Professor Robert Prescott-Ezickson October 09, 2013 Kingdoms and Cultures Oscillatory has exercised vast inspiration by what method we abstract the link among Christianity and philosophy. The situation has converted several societies’ circumstances to vision their culture of resistance to foremost characteristics of the common philosophies as rather of which to be humiliated, as well as rather that desires to remain rejected with the intention to convert traditionally liable. Niebuhr debates that Yoder’s forceful analysis of his book has not been offered the extensive revelation it justifies, particularly his reason that…show more content…
Several do it over opposition, Christ against Culture. Additional do it by regular evangelizing, conversion for example. Culture is immovable and Christ is the burdens of Jesus. Niebuhr precedes a multicultural method with his five types of Christian ethics (Yoder, 1996). According to Atkinson, (1995), the fundamental situation is that Christ is against culture. Culture is viewed as being intimidating to Christianity in belief as well as tradition. Regardless of the society in which Christians find themselves, they are called to oppose the customs and accomplishments of culture. Assurance to Christ requires a decision (Yoder, 1996). Christ against culture known as the “New law” on this interpretation the Lordship of Christ does not define that untruth is the uppermost of abundant powers, on the other hand, that He is the solitary power surrounding the Christians (GCU, lecture). It therefore, awards Christ and culture as a major one or both superior; if we take up our cross and follow Christ, we need to discard any faithfulness to culture. For example, the book of (1 John 2:15) declares, “Do not love the world or anything in the world; if anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him” (NIV, 1995). Christ of culture known as the “Natural Law “acknowledges an ultimate agreement amongst Christ and culture (GCU, lecture). Christ Himself is beheld as a highest conqueror of culture. His life and instructions
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