Kingdom of Aksum Essay

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Theresa Gbekia
Mr. Riemers
World history
20/October/ 2013

The kingdom of Aksum lasted for about eight, hundred years. The kingdom's unremitted location allowed easy access to areas across the red sea, into the Indian Ocean and beyond. This remarkable kingdom was one of the first civilizations in the continent of Africa. Although Aksum had influential customs regardless the kingdom was found off of its indigenous African heritage, having created their mixed ethnicities/customs, a writing system, money currency and religion.
Aksum was mostly populated with the indigenous Africans. It was long after the development of Aksum had there been any mixture of other ethnicity. The expansion of Aksum also welcomed other races and people. For
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That one had.
Pass religions of the Aksum’s were mostly polytheists. Indigenous African gods were worshiped along with the Arabian old gods, Behr, Mender and Mather, and Greek god Aster. Per - Christian Aksum had coins with mottos refereeing to the gods. Also unchristian rituals such as cutting and burning hair to honor took place in Aksum. This tells that many of the ancient buildings and temples were first the old gods. Overall Aksum was like many other kingdoms when they did not know of God.
In Aksum a system of high tec. writing was created called, Ge ez. This stunning languish is the first ancient African writing. Even though many believe or assume that the Ge ez writing was originated from the Semitic tongue of south Arabia, there is no proving of such thing. Rather it is rational to say that the Ge ez languish was influence by the Greek, Cushitic and Arabian languish. The Ge ez languish is seen on many ancient towers and also it is used in churches of Ethiopia today.
The Aksum also had a system of coins, money currency. They were the only African nation outside of the roman dependence to use coins. The coins were used for easier trade inside and outside the kingdom. Coins form Aksum was decorated usually by a picture of the king and mottos. The kings try to gain popularity by placing kind words and jester on the coins for the people. Also religious statues were placed on the coins. Although
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