Kingsford Analysis

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Phong Trinh IBM 421 Professor Assumma June 11, 2015 Kingsford Charcoal Case Study Analysis Executive Summary In this case study, we will be analyzing the current position of how well Kingsford is within the marketplace and determine which of the issues are plausible causes in its drop in revenue. We will be creating a comprehensive strategy as well as a marketing plan to evaluate and adjust the matter at hand. First we will begin with identifying the issues and implementing a method to reemphasize the importance of marketing in the business. The goal is to create a marketing plan that will add value to Kingsford’s market share, sales, and profitability. It is evident that Kingsford is a superior product to its competitors such as Royal…show more content…
Many purchases are currently made during grilling seasons such as spring and summer but by transitioning the product towards the fall would increase the profit margin. A second alternative could be to increase their advertising budget because it has been the only brand within the charcoal industry that has been advertising. Their advertising budget is currently very low so with an increase in spending it could definitely generate more attraction and promote Kingsford charcoal as the better alternative. Thirdly, option is to strategically adjust the prices of their products because consumers are often very price sensitive. By doing so the company can either create more value that defines the quality and quantity of the product. Lastly, the company suggest to expand their current inventory through increasing production and capacity. With the increase in production rate the company can gain more consumers as a whole through supply and demand. Doing this would give the company an opportunity for more exposure and perhaps better brand recognition. Analysis of Alternatives America has been known for their traditional methods of charcoal grilling as barbecuing is such a necessity in celebrating a holiday or a joyous occasion. But as the years go by, the introduction of gas grilling has impacted Kingsford for the
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