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KINGSFORD CHARCOAL CASE STUDY GB-513 MARKETING MANAGENET PROF. KARL ALORBI SAINT PETER’S COLLEGE, NJ. SUBMISSION DATE: 08/08/2011 SUBMITTED BY: RIDDHI JAJAL TABLE OF CONTENT No | Topic | Page No. | 1 | Executive Summary | 3 | 2 | Key Problems | 5 | 3 | Analysis and Evaluation | 7 | 4 | Recommendation | 10 | 5 | Implementation Plan | 12 | Executive Summary Clorox Company produce 50 different products by 2000, includes different categories such as Household products such as glad, water filters (Brita), cleaning products, auto care; Specialty products such as charcoal and lighter fluid; and International products such as dressing and sauces. Kingsford Charcoal is the one from Clorox’s products and mostly used…show more content…
Kingsford had reduced its media spending from over $6 million in 1998 to a little over $1 million in 2000. Gas Grill increased its media spending during the same time period. * Reduction in Promotions: Royal Oak had contributed substantial funds towards merchandising opportunities at retailers such as temporary price reductions, features and displays. Kingsford’s merchandising in 2000 was consistent with that in 1999. * Weather Pattern: Precipitation and temperature comparison with 1999 showed a slight increase in rainfall in October through December 2000, coupled with major drop in temperatures. Cold weather reduced the opportunities for grilling occasions. * Lack of R&D: Kingsford was consistent with research and development and had spent $63 million since 1998. Kingsford’s research team not focused on how to overcome to Gas Grill. Lack of research on what makes the charcoal easy to use and require less preparation. These key problems cause the decline in the Sales. Let’s see what are the alternatives available to this key problems and how can we overcome with it. Some of the Key problems require funding, for example Media Advertising. | | | Analysis and Evaluation Kingsford’s business is seasonal, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Marriages, July 4th are the most popular occasions for grilling in United States of America. Common reasons for barbequing include great flavor, desire to be
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