Kingsolver 's The Poisonwood Bible

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Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, The Poisonwood Bible, is about a missionary family, the Prices, who move from Bethlehem, Georgia to a small village in the Congo. They choose to move during a time when there is great upheaval about to happen in the region. The reader learns about their trials and tribulations of life in the Congo through the five Price females, who talk about the events from their own the points of view. In the beginning, I thought I would not like this book; however I found that I had a hard time putting it down and ended up finishing the book quickly. There were many things Kingsolver did to make this book so appealing. From her use of dialogue and imagery, with such different character personalities, set in a historical time which gave this piece of fiction a hint of authenticity, to her underlying theme of human nature, both good and bad. It is all of these things combined which make The Poisonwood Bible a highly recommended book to read. Kingsolver’s use of the five Price females as narrators is a little difficult to follow at first. The reader bounces from the point of view of this character to the point of view of that character, sometimes with the events overlapping to other events happening years apart. It is also a little difficult to follow as the novel bounces from Orleanna Price, the mother, who is reflecting on her past life, to the girls, Rachel, Adah, Leah and Ruth May, who are telling their parts as if they are current. An example of this…
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