Kingsolver's Arguments For A Female President

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Kingsolver introduces the question-at-issue and the context through nostalgia. She begins to introduce her adolescent life and mentions her mother as a very strong, capable, and intelligent woman. Despite having all these strong traits, her mother-as Kingsolver saw it, was put in a “dreary boat” of subordination as a woman. Kingsolver then shifts into discussing her father in her adolescent stages of life. According to Kingsolver’s description, she indirectly implies the resembles between her father’s words and Trump’s words. When Kingsolver asked her Dad questions such as “if girls could go to college, have jobs, be doctors, [etc.]”, her Dad response would be “A female president would be dangerous. His reasons vaguely referenced menstruation…show more content…
Kingsolver goes on to even mention how her father’s demeanor has change in which he is “eager to vote for a women president”. Kingsolver directly goes into discussing Hillary Clinton’s character and endeavors in which she says “Hillary Clinton has honored the rules of civic duty and met the prerequisites for a candidate, bringing a lifetime of pertinent experience, an inquiring mind, a record of compassionate service and a sound grasp of our nation’s every challenge, from international relations to climate change; her stated desire is to work hard for our country and its future”. She even goes on to counter the opposing view in which she states “Her opponent has no political experience, a famously childish temperament, no interest in educating himself on any subject, a manifest record of shortchanging employees, bankrupting businesses, cheating on wives, dodging taxes and serving absolutely no one but himself. His mission is to elevate the self-regard of some Americans by degrading many others, including Muslims, Mexican immigrants, people with disabilities, residents of African-American communities, women he finds beautiful and women he does not.” According to Kingsolver’s point of view, Hillary Clinton is not even close to a “equivalent” of Donald Trump for “It’s even harder to…show more content…
She says “The men orchestrating this misogynistic horror show have combed every inch of Clinton’s lifetime of service looking for some dark deed, finding nothing worse than a mistake about email handling for which she has accepted responsibility and submitted to an exhaustive investigation that found no harm done.” Kingsolver to makes the email scandal merely as a mistake. Finally, Kingsolver asks rhetorical questions in an attempt to get the voters to realize on how Clinton is not the enemy. She adds stress to the people in which she begins to ask “How have we not exploded into a new civil rights movement with women and men together rushing on to the streets to demand that female humanity matters? Where is our primal scream against being bullied, dismissed, reviled for the misdeeds of others and witch-hunted for the crime of being competent while
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